Avoiding Conception Naturally

By using the sympto-thermal method, you will:

  • Identify when your fertile time starts, and ends
  • No longer need to use hormonal birth control, and;
  • Detox your body from its harmful effects
  • Monitor the return of your fertility after using hormonal birth control
  • Highlight hormonal imbalances
  • Gain an in depth understanding about your individual fertility
Learn how to use the sympto-thermal method to help you to avoid a pregnancy.  Over the course of 3 appointments, you will learn how to recognise, record, and interpret your unique signs of fertility.

The sympto-thermal method is 98% effective when taught by an accredited educator.

The method is an empowering way to understand your fertility, and to take back your body from the effects of hormonal contraceptives.  If you want to learn about your fertility, and know when you are safe, this method will be your strong ally as go through all of the stages of your life.

It is recommended that both partners are present at the appointments. Sharing the responsibility for avoiding conception will improve the effectiveness of the method. 

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Chantelle Meikle, it's lovely to meet you :)
I am a registered Naturopath and Fertility Educator who loves to help women and couples conceive healthy and happy baby's. I also run an online store for fertility related products:  www.myfertility.co.nz

When I am not in clinic working with my clients, you will find me at the nearest beach or snuggled up somewhere with a good book. I live with my husband and 2 very spoilt cats in West Auckland, New Zealand.

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